• KY Straight High Rye Bourbon

    KY Straight High Rye Bourbon

    Nose: fruit, cinnamon, cigar box, honeysuckle 
    Pallet: oily mouthfeel, tart fruit, oak, almond, rye bread 
    Finish: leather, smoke, medium finish
    Summary: Aromas of fruit, wood and spice, followed by tart fruit, nut and rye, with a medium finish.


  • Santa's Helper Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey

    Santa's Helper Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey

    All products are distilled and bottled by Bluegrass Distillers. All products are bottled using a non-chill filtration system. 

    This is not your typical cinnamon whiskey. Santa’s Helper has strong notes of cinnamon sugar and butter…think warm cinnamon toast. Batch 004 is bottled at 66 proof. 


  • Reclaimed & Recharred

    Reclaimed & Recharred

    Rather than retiring a used barrel, we have them re-coopered and fired. We then refill these mature workhorses with spirit previously aged in new barrels to impart a nuanced secondary finish with elevated notes brought forward from a barrel touched by flame not once, but twice.


  • Lee's Branch

    Lee's Branch

    Toasted French Oak Barrel Finished Rye Whiskey. Our Toasted French Oak Barrel Finished Rye gives ex-red-wine barrels a second life, while adding structure and depth. The secondary aging in the re-toasted barrel deepens the spicy and peppery notes of the rye.


  • Dudley & Gratz

    Dudley & Gratz

    Sauternes Cask Finished Rye Whiskey. Combining techniques from the whiskey and wine industries, we created a marriage of a rye finished in a classic French Sauternes barrel. The added sweetness of the dessert wine barrel finish elevates this rye whiskey to new heights.


  • Lot 25

    Lot 25

    Vermouth Barrel Finished Rye Whiskey. The bold Lot 25 Rye achieves a refined finish and subtle warmth from several months in a repurposed vermouth barrel. Each barrel of this expression varies based on our own experimentation with different types of vermouth


  • Colonel Francisco

    Colonel Francisco

    Rum Barrel Finish Rye Whiskey. Our Colonel Francisco Rye is finished in Appleton Rum barrels. The secondary aging in the Appleton barrels draws out the sweet and floral notes from the rum which compliments the distinct peppery bite of the rye